6-13 March 2021 | Andriessen Festival | Online

Since 2019, Musis Arnhem, Phion, Orkest De Ereprijs and ArtEZ have been organising the Andriessen Festival. For this third edition, we unfortunately cannot receive you, our beloved audience, physically in the concert hall. We are very pleased that we can offer the full program from 6 to 13 March online for free via a stream, so that you can enjoy the most beautiful music at home.

Orkest De Ereprijs together with Phion, the orchestra of Gelderland and Overijssel, Musis Arnhem and ArtEZ present a full program of contemporary music in the footsteps of Louis Andriessen. His search and compositions for unconventional instrumentations created an ensemble tradition that stimulates adventurous and unexpected forms of written music. In order to discover the future of classical music, Phion and Orkest De Ereprijs join forces under the name RKST21. Andriessen has influenced many composers in different ways. We give podium to all these different approaches of music of today and celebrate the work of Louis Andriessen. Both RKST21 and Orkest De Ereprijs will be conducted by Manoj Kamps.

Besides RKST21 different soloists and smaller ensembles will present music of Tansy Davies, Christiaan Richter, Alisson Kruusmaa, Ed Bennett, Hans Abrahamsen, Hans Koolmees, Martijn Padding, Kate Moore, Klas Torstensson, Nubim Kim, Maike Androsch & Louis Andriessen.

As a consequence of the COVID-measurements, we have made small adjustments to the program. Also the premiere of the piano concerto of Christiaan Richter, with soloist Severin von Eckardstein will be in the next edition in 2022. 

The streams are free to watch. If you would like to make a donation, we appreciate it very much. With your support we can introduce new music to the widest possible audience and offer young composers and musicians a stage. More information? Click here.

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RKST21 - Phion & Orkest De Ereprijs, led by Manoj Kamps
Ed Bennett - Belonging (Sterre Konijn, soprano)
Alisson Kruusmaa - ... and the great winds come and go (premiere) (Michaela Riener, soprano)
Maike Androsch - Untitled
Nubim Kim - Rotary Vertigo III

Orkest De Ereprijs, led by Manoj Kamps
Tansy Davies - Feather & groove
Louis Andriessen - On Jimmy Yancey
Hans Koolmees - MERZ (Michaela Riener, soprano)

Konstantyn Napolov (percussion)
Christiaan Richter - Droplets II
Tansy Davies - Dark Ground

Vincent van Amsterdam (accordeon) & Michaela Riener (soprano)

Christiaan Richter - Afbuigingsjuk
Klas Torstensson - Two Queen Christina Songs

ArtEZ Contemporary Ensemble, led by Harrie Janssen
Hans Abrahamsen - Two Inger Christensen songs (part 1)

Laura Sandee (piano) & Michaela Riener (soprano)
Kate Moore - Sliabh Beagh
Tansy Davies - Destroying Beauty
Martijn Padding - Huw's Accra Hop